The largest of the five villages, ideal for a summer break in the Cinque Terre


Spiaggia di Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso is the largest of the five villages that make up the Cinque Terre, and the last that can be reached starting out from La Spezia. It is famous all over the world, both for the splendid scenery of the Cinque Terre and for the two large beaches, located in the old and new part of Monterosso respectively.

The coastal village of Monterosso is surrounded by the typical landscape of the Cinque Terre, which here combines the beauty of the steep, lofty cliffs of Punta Mesco (which can be reached along the village paths) with the gentle contours of the valleys adorned with olive trees and Mediterranean maquis, while there are also a number of smaller villages along the coast.

In addition to the distinctive beauty of the landscape, Monterosso is also a place of considerable historical importance. The origins of the village stretch back to the 7th century, and much more recently, this village of the Cinque Terre enchanted the poet Eugenio Montale, to whom a literary park has been dedicated here.


Numerous events are held in the village throughout the year, especially during the summer. At the end of May, Monterosso plays host to the lemon festival, while in June it is time for the Infiorata, during which the whole village is adorned with flower arrangements, and the feast of the patron saint, when hundreds of little tea-lights are lit along the coastline. In August and September respectively, visitors can enjoy a mediaeval festival with dancing and costumed figures, and a gathering of bands, on the first Saturday of the month, with concerts and performances.


The enormous tourism potential of one of the most famous and best-loved villages in the Cinque Terre is evident in the numerous monuments that can be admired by visitors to Monterosso: the fortified hill of San Cristoforo, which separates the old town from the new, the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Soviore (one of the oldest in Italy), the Church of San Giovanni Battista (with a particular shape reminiscent of a boat, dating back to the 14th century) and the Convent of the Capuchin Friars, held inside which is “The Crucifixion” by Van Dyck.

Porticciolo di Monterosso

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