One of the most beautiful coastal villages in Italy, considered by many the most enchanting in the Cinque Terre.



Vernazza extends a breathtakingly beautiful welcome to visitors. The houses, clustered together on the rock, form a multi-coloured splash on the rocky headlands that look straight out onto the clear blue sea encircling the harbour packed with boats.


A mediaeval atmosphere is evident in every building, while the square in the centre of the village, right on the coastline, is the beating heart of everyday life in Vernazza, bustling with restaurants and bars selling the traditional focaccia.


There is more for tourists to admire than the colours and the landscape, however, such as numerous historical sites and monuments dating back as far as the 10th century, when the first real settlement grew up in the area, known by the Latin name of Vulnetia.


The most important monuments in Vernazza include the Parish Church of Santa Margherita (the foundations of which are bathed by the sea water), the Castle (which towers over the village, along with a lookout tower rebuilt after the Second World War after part of it had been destroyed), and the Sanctuary of Reggio (in a wood looking straight down onto the sea in the little village of Reggio, near Vernazza, dating back to the 14th century).

Throughout the summer, a host of fairs and food and wine festivals are held in Vernazza in celebration of various saints and events, while on Christmas Eve the village hosts a unique spectacle: a nativity scene is prepared under the water, and at midnight, observers watch the Baby Jesus being born from the waves, as divers delve into a cave lit by floodlights.





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