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  1. Valentina (Italy) says:


  2. Valentina (Italy) says:


  3. Massimo (ITALY) says:

    Complimenti per il nuovo sito online Casa Dane.

  4. William Kempter says:

    Clean, pleasant colors and surroundings, good location close to center of town, great atmosphere.

  5. Tracey Meyers says:

    The room we stayed in was really nice and clean. Very modern. Very close to the train station. La Spezia isn’t a big place so everything was within walking distance. Would definitely stay there again.

  6. Laperriere Richard (Canada says:

    Visited Cinque Terre, 30 seconds away from the train station, no train noise at night, great little pizza / pasta restaurant just on the corner

  7. Nicholas Phillips says:

    The room was clean and secure.

  8. Annemie Asselbergs says:

    place next to trainstation and towncentre cleanleniss.

  9. Debby Farias says:

    Accommodations were nice, easy commute to the Cinca Terria area.

  10. Jeeta Patel says:

    close proximity to station, modern, clean.

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